Termites eat wood, so they can do great damage to buildings and homes. They often remain undetected, slowly destroying internal timbers until the structure is severely damaged. In addition to wood, termites can also eat through cloth, carpets, and other materials as well, making them dangerous to more than just wooden structures. Pesty John’s Pest Control offers two sets of services – services to provide termite protection and services to cater to those that might already have termites. Quick discovery of a termite threat is key in developing an effective treatment. Call us today at (706) 568-9008 to schedule a free termite inspection.

Borate Treatments

We use borate treatments as a wood preservative to create a termite barrier. The treatment also helps protect against wood-destroying fungus and may prevent other insect infestations as well. 

Bait Systems

Bait systems are non-invasive ways to control termites by creating a “decoy” that contains a slow acting termiticide which eliminates the termite threat before they can attack your home. They are also effective in eliminating entire colonies as the termites visiting the bait system will take termiticide back to the colony and kill termites that never fed on the bait. 

Termidor Liquid Treatment

Termidor liquid treatment is a non-repellent, transferable termiticide spray which is applied along the foundation walls of a building. Because its non-repellent, termites do not move away from the sprayed areas, but instead move through them as normal, picking up traces of the termiticide and quickly spreading them to other individuals in their colony. This method quickly eliminates entire colonies. 

Other Traditional Treatments

Depending on the level of infestation and type of property, we may have other treatments that are custom chosen to fit your specific needs. 

Termite Warranty

We have two different kinds of treatment guarantees. One is a “retreat only” agreement and the other is a “repair and retreat” guarantee. Call our office for more information on both of these warranties.

Our termite protection and treatment services are available to residential and commercial clients. We also have services catering specifically to builders and realtors – to read more about these services, visit our realtors / builders page.